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Hi! This is BadAssMonkey
i will be one of the contributor here in this food and travel blog. here’s what you should know about me and my post:
  • a glutton by nature and loves to travel and play(who doesn’t?).
  • someone who rarely takes photos of what he eats but will have to do so in order for me to post some nice food. my weapon of choice? it will be either my old school nokia handphone 1.3mp camera or Canon Ixus. just hope that there will be no crappy photos coming from it. 
  • travels at least twice a year. 1 local and 1 overseas (don’t know whether i can do the same next year since i got additional commitment from next year onwards). but i  will definitely try to go to different states every year.
  • most of the time, i will travel with only my GF. you will notice it later. haha! 
  • and lastly, the post that i posted here is extracted from my own blog (http://www.badmonkeyfatpig.blogspot.com/). this monkey is too lazy to post the same thing twice and also to do some publicity for my own blog. hahaha!

i’m not going to bore you more with my mundane details. but be rest assured that i will not do the same with my post! Do post comments and suggestions regarding our post. Will really appreciate it.
*Photo taken in Phuket back in 2008.

now excuse me while i crawl around searching for a place to play and eat.

Greeting! i am Drifter Ant. One little ant surf-in to share experience on food and places. I will share some nice resort and hotel in Malaysia that i found worth to be shared. After tired ‘surfing’, i will surely look for some nice food to fill my stomach. Maybe there is something good to eat at there too? who know?? Below are the Detail of the Ant:
Name:Drifter Ant
Gadget Equipped:- Nokia 6220 classic
(5.0 mp with Carl Zeiss Lens camera)

- Note Book and pen

- Backpack
Traveling Route:- Malaysian Beach Resort (*East-coast)

- Hotel (near Beach)
Target Victim:- Low, Medium Class Resort/Hotel
(0-3 Star/s)
Hoping to provide you buckets of information on some resort and their services. As a “nomad-ant”, i am financially poor so i will spend most of my trip on good place and i don’t have to pay much. In others word, hi-class quality in-term of a poor guy. haha..

i am trying to give my opinion on the place posted in this blog, and snap some photos as picture tell a hundred words. The rest is up to you to take it or not. As Buddha says once EHIPASIKO“come and see” i give you what i see and feel. To really know that, come and see it your self.

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